Rehearsals & Guidelines

Player Guidelines

Stonnington Symphony is widely regarded as one of Melbourne’s most dynamic community orchestras. We are committed to performing orchestral music, at the highest possible standard, in accessible venues, at affordable prices. Based in Stonnington, with strong local council and business support, we pride ourselves on the contribution we make to our local communities.

These guidelines provide important information about your participating in Stonnington Symphony activities. All players are expected to understand, accept and adhere to these guidelines.

  • Membership - Players are required to pay an annual Membership Fee of $20. This fee covers basic administration costs, as well as volunteers’ insurance when playing at rehearsals and performances. It also entitles players to all relevant voting rights within the organisation. Membership runs July 1 – June 30 each year.
  • Players are further required to pay a Concert Fee of $40 for each concert they play in. This must be paid early in the rehearsal schedule. 
  • Rehearsals – are scheduled in the five weeks leading up to each concert. Please arrive in enough time to ensure prompt commencement of the rehearsal. 
  • Attendance – All players are required to attend all rehearsals and performances. Should you be unable to attend due to illness, unforeseen circumstances or emergency, please contact the orchestra mobile 0490 019 179 as soon as possible. 
  • Players with solo responsibilities are expected, in discussion with their section convenor, to arrange a suitable deputy in case of absence. A message regarding any changes should be left on the rehearsal mobile number – 0490 019176. 
  • Music – Players will be issued with desk parts for each program. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, it is your responsibility to ensure that any parts you may be holding are available for rehearsal. All parts and copies must be returned at the conclusion of each concert, on concert day. It is expected that players will practice their parts between rehearsals.
  • Music Stand – Please bring a stand to each rehearsal and performance.
  • Attendance Sheet – Please sign your name on arrival at all rehearsals and performances. This is required for Volunteers’ Insurance Cover. 
  • Rehearsal Schedule – If you are not playing in all pieces, please check the rehearsal times which involve you. These can be found on the website and concert information sheet.


REHEARSAL MOBILE: 0490 019 176